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Founded in 2011, Canyons Virtual Academy (formerly Canyons Online 9-12) is an online learning program that serves thousands of students from across the state of Utah. Canyons Virtual Academy is a year-round, online program dedicated to serving students within the Canyons School District as well as other districts throughout the state of Utah. Canyons Virtual Academy is a Canyons School District program (not a school) and does not award high-school diplomas. Through Canyons Virtual Academy, students may earn credit which can be used toward graduation requirements at their school of record.

Canyons Virtual Academy offers courses in a wide variety of engaging and highly-interactive courses. All teachers are certified and highly-qualified in their subject area, and provide timely and personalized feedback as students work at their own pace. In addition, licensed school counselors and other support staff are readily available to help current and prospective students.

Registration is based on sessions with a short registration black-out period between each session as well as a two-week summer closure for system and curriculum updates. Students may take up to six (6) full credits (24 courses) per year as online courses as part of their high school schedule. In addition, students may only take four (4) courses at a given time, but can add more courses as they complete courses.  Students cannot register for two courses (quarters) of the same subject at the same time (ie, Math Q1 and Math Q2). In some cases, participating students may be asked to drop one or more traditional courses to “make room” for an online course in the student’s already full schedule.

Our Curriculum

Canyons Virtual Academy uses Canvas and Accelerate Education Online Course Curriculum, as well as some custom created courses as required by Utah State educational guidelines. Canyons Virtual Academy courses provide easy-to-use and comprehensive online learning opportunities that help students to develop the skills they need to succeed in high school, college, and beyond. Additionally, our courses give students the power to truly personalize learning with exceptional curriculum aligned to Utah State and Common Core Standards. Courses are built following instructional design best practices that incorporate video, live and virtual labs, interactive activities, immediate feedback, and assessments to ensure mastery and authentic work. Highly-qualified, certified Canyons District teachers provide feedback and academic support via email and telephone, as well as face-to-face and virtual meetings.

Our Mission

The mission at Canyons Virtual Academy is to provide personalized, flexible, and engaging online learning opportunities to help students throughout Utah succeed and prepare for college and career.

Contact Us

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For more information, check out our FAQ.

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