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Canyons Virtual Academy knows that some students have existing IEP, 504, DLP and ELL plans. The Canyons Virtual Academy registration site provides the student or parent an opportunity to indicate whether a student has an established IEP, 504, DLP or ELL plan.  When a student registers with Canyons Virtual Academy and indicates that an IEP, 504, DLP or ELL plan is in place, Canyons Virtual Academy will verify the accommodations with a representative at the student’s school of record. Based on the accommodations listed in the plan, Canyons Virtual Academy will provide that information to the student’s teacher(s) and will provide the accommodations set in the official IEP, 504, DLP or ELL plan.

Due to the nature of online courses, many accommodations set in IEP, 504, DLP or ELL plans naturally happen, or may not apply to online courses.

NOTE:  Accommodations are established by the teachers, counselor, special services representative, parents, students and principals. If you have any questions about the accommodations as stated on your IEP or 504 plan, talk with your school’s representative.

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